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"Inspiring... truely a masterpeice..."

I... can't stop crying... it was remarkably touching and it really hits you in the heart. The ending was inspiring, and the fact he did all this on the fact his parents broke up is... so emotional... I would surely recommend watching this.

*sniffles* Keep up the amazing work dude.

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woulda been hillarious in the actual game...

...if that happened

Don't mess wit Fire Mario...

Perfect Score. If this is how you can animate now, I would love to see how number 8 will be like... Knowing you somebody is gonna go Falcon Punch and a brawl will start.

The only bad thing:
There's no pause or scene skip options. Add these in plz!

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4,528,186 FEET

Yeah you read that right. I'll be adding a screenshot to prove it on my profile page then. BEAT THAT NOOBS! I used 25 nukes lol. I have no social life.

Very Interesting

I had seen this on the front page under the recent subs and I thought it was a sequel. I had totally missed the second one. When'd you pop that out you sneaky bugger? Great work. I think you should try to do something interesting like add a new plane of gravity, or perhaps try to add a plot. Plots help games, you know.

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Excellent- but one question-

how do you add medals to a flash submission?

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Matrix? Final Fight????

Is that what this is? Because you made this thing sound AWESOME. Gj man keep up good work.

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IlIlIlIlIl responds:

it actually could be. but the hiphop beat is from some song i heard. check out my new matrix song with a twist of hiphop instead of Drumb & Bass.

Dude this is awesome!!

It IS better than the original. I should know. It is my second favorite song in Twilight Princess. You rock for making this, I hope Nintendo finds this and puts it in a game!! You could be famous for the sweetness!!

10/10 FTW!!

How is it related?

I just hear random notes

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